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Ambitious and Independent?

Find it hard to switch off from work?

Looking after yourself is last on your list?

I was working full time, had two young kids, I was time poor and wasn't living life to my full potential. Being an ideas person I decided to create a product I wanted that was easy and nutritious ,so in 2011 the DIY Bliss Ball Kits were created.The first of its kind in Australia. 
My range of organic snacks  were distributed Nationally and I also ran mini wellness events.
If you are curious how the name came about it was when my brother in law said " you are such a Modern Day Hippie" and it all clicked and made sense.
I am not your typical Hippie. I love alternative health and spirituality is a massive part of my life but I am also a driven business women who loves fashion. I hate following crowds and march to the beat of my own drum.
Not only was it scary leaving a stable full time job to start up a new business I also had to educate people what my product was as it was a concept no one knew. A few years on and had big and small businesses copy my concept of DIY Bliss Ball Kits. This was a sign that I knew it was time for the business to shift direction. I love change but change can make you feel uncertain and fearful.
When I decided to be me and not try and fit into everyone's mould I gained more confidence and clarity about myself and my Why. I also knew other businesses  couldn't be me and that was my strength and I want to help you  discover your unique gifts and talents. I hope to connect with you and be a support in your life to help inspire and guide you to have the courage to follow your dreams and become the best version of yourself.
Modern Day Hippie started with the purpose of helping busy women be the best version of themselves and 7 years on  I continue to do this. My mission is to help women truly embrace who they are and become empowered.

I want you to thrive in business and in life.

I look forward to connecting and helping you on your journey to happiness and fulfillment.

Love,light and blessings

Nicole Cherry-Bayles


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