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Intuitive Life + Biz Coach

Have you started your own business and getting worn out from the never ending to do list?
Are you stuck figuring out your purpose so you can start your own business?


Then this is for you.

 Nicole has experience in starting up a business from the ground up. She took the leap and left her full-time job to launched a new product to the health market and have it retail around the country. She had companies copy her products so made the decision to change direction in her business to showcase all her unique gifts that no one can replicate.

Nicole knows what it is like to put your business before everything and how that stress and poor lifestyle choices can affect your overall well-being and business success. 

She understands the fear that can overcome  when it comes time to leave the regular pay check of your 9-5 job.

Nicole will inspire you to follow your dreams!

  • 45min skype session every fortnight (this makes it more convenient for you and your schedule rather than meeting in person)
  • We uncover what brings you your greatest joy
  • Discuss you negative life patterns and what is holding you back
  • Healing any past trauma or stresses
  • Ensure your health and well-being is in shape and strategies that work into your life
  • Motivate and support you through the changes

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