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"Nicole has set her own path and created her own trends to stand out in the holistic market like a shining star of wellness."
Pilates Fitness Institute WA


“Nicole is a total light beam and working with her has been such a dream! She keeps me sane - and we’ve both agreed that sanity is a beautiful thing! I also really appreciate her ability to fluidly move from business issues to personal issues with me as they are often incredibly interconnected. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her constant support.”

Lindsey Allen Designs


"It was an immediate sense of calm and relaxation which turned into an emotional release that left me feeling light and carefree.

It gave my brain a rest and I haven't felt stressed or anxious since"


"Previously, I rarely invested time in recharging myself but now I come regularly.  I instantly feel all of my compounding stresses being lifted away and released.  It re-energises me and I feel so inspired, positive and motivated every time"
The Fashion Catalyst Girlboss Healing Client

"I loved that I could tune out and focus on me. I let go of my stress and came out relaxed and clear"
Gloss Marketing Perth girlboss client
I felt uncertain and intense before arriving. After the healing session I felt relaxed and recharged. Thanks for a wonderful healing experience"

"Before the healing I felt rushed and stressed. After the session I felt restored,loved,calm and peaceful"
Jack Lee Girlboss Healing client

"I felt stressed before the session. After the session I felt calm, relaxed, centred and lighter. I loved Nicole's calmness and energy"
tmf the makeup factory Girlboss Healing client makeup Perth

"Having a successful business can be stressful. It felt good to leave feeling relaxed and recharged. "
Verve Business Modern Day Hippie Girlboss client

"Before the session I was tired, stressed and emotional.  After the session I felt calm and peaceful"
Belle Sorelle

"Before the Girlboss healing I was feeling tense. I loved being able to tap into my emotions in the session"
The Smile Clinque Girlboss Healing Client

"I came to the session tired with back pain. After the session I felt clear,warm,worthy and loved. The session was amazing I would recommend it to my friends"
Hayley Parker PR Girlboss Healing client

"I left the session feeling relaxed and optimistic"
The Studio Perth Fashion Girlboss Healing client

'Nicole is amazing! I feel so relaxed, lighter, de-stressed and centred after our healing sessions. I'm performing better as a result in my business. Thanks Nicole you rock!
 Arbonne Girlboss Healing client

"Owning a business and being a Mum I wanted to feel balanced. I was feeling rushed and stressed. It was great to leave the session feeling calm"

"I liked the gentleness of the healing. Nicole was wonderful"

Chadwick Modelling Agency Girlboss Healing Client

"I enjoyed the whole experience. I feel so much lighter than when I arrived. I left feeling calm and peaceful"


"The healing was very relaxing. I felt very peaceful and less stressed. I felt very safe with Nicole"


"Nicole's way of explaining the process put me at ease. I'd never experienced a healing like it. It was really detailed and in-depth"


Here are some words from my happy clients who have enjoyed our Bliss Balls

"I love your products"

-Samantha Harris

(Modern Day Hippie D.I.Y Bliss Ball Kits)


"It’s incredible how chocolate that’s made without any sugar or dairy products can taste so good.  Now I can indulge in chocolate as much as I like without feeling guilty!"

"The end result is truly delicious chocolate, perfect for any health conscious person who loves to indulge their sweet tooth.  It’s also ideal for anyone on a gluten free diet."

- Amy Zempilas

( Modern Day Hippie D.I.Y Bliss Ball Kits)

"Next thing you know I’m hooked, Happies. I’m hooked on these insanely clever little packages of goodness that are full of all my favourite things"

-Yaz Trollope

(Modern Day Hippie D.I.Y Bliss Ball Kits)


"It does take a little less time to walk to the pantry and grab a biscuit for the kids but why would you when this was so easy and so good for them.These were a god send. They ticked all the boxes and the kids loved them. I could actually give them yummy treats which they loved more than lollies."

(Modern Day Hippie D.I Y Bliss Ball Kits)

- Rayne Embley

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