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Girlboss Healing

Well-being and Spirituality for the Modern Woman.
Add some ZEN to your life.

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"Where successful Entrepreneurial women come"

We SAVE Entrepreneurial women who are bold, ambitious and independent from melt downs. We specialise in alleviating stress and recharging  you so you can soar.

An added bonus is unblocking any fears about failing, being average and not living life to their highest potential. I see my clients once a month for them to fully unload their stress and let go anxiety while getting tips every month to incorporate into their lives.
The session is either 90 min or 45min and includes aromatherapy, visualisation, mediation, reiki , forensic healing, tarot cards and my intuition. My sessions are one of a kind created for female bosses.
The pampering at the end of the session includes a lovely cup of herbal tea and you will be briefed on negative life patterns, negative beliefs and negative emotions that have been holding you back. You will leave with a tip to incorporate into your life until your next session.
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Session times: 10am and 12pm Monday - Sunday
Night sessions available in 2017

 Email if you have any questions.

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