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90 min Girlboss Healing

The Girlboss Healing is designed to help you avoid exhaustion or help you recover if you are exhausted.


This is a 90 min session

Nicole will connect with you to give you a personalised intuitive healing based on what you are needing on the day
This can include:
*Chakra balance using Reiki and Crystals
*soulful hand massage
*visualisation and meditation to get your mind to stop
*aromatherapy mists throughout the session to melt away stress
*Tarot/ Oracle card pulled to give you some insight to your question
*Forensic Healing to uncover any blocks and negative life patterns holding you              back
At the end of the session Nicole will go through what came up in the healing

The session is completed by sipping on a cup of herbal tea and enjoying some organic chocolate, along with some words of wisdom from Nicole.You will leave feeling lighter and recharged.

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