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21 Signs you are a Modern Day Hippie

Every wondered WHAT is a Modern Day Hippie. Below are 21 signs you are a Modern Day Hippie. 1. You Practice Mindfulness 2.Your personal hygience products are natural and organic where possible 3.You try/ accomplish a herb garden 4. You try/accomplish a veggie patch 5.You know your purpose in the world 6. You love learning and evolving 7. You crave being in nature when you have been in the hustle and bustle for too long 8. The sound of birds tweeting makes you imagine you live in the Mountains/Forrest 9.You eat organic where possible 10.You are an individual (this doesn't mean you have to wear crazy floral patterned clothes and no shoes) 11. You love writing in your journal daily 12.You talk to...

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Want to know your purpose

Hi Ladies,   Do you want to know your purpose? Want to have a fulfilling life where deep down you are happy and passionate?   Many of my clients are 25-50 years old and struggling to find their purpose. They are lost and don't know where to start to. It can be hard in this hectic external world to find what your gift is. Remember finding your purpose requires you to look inwards and become open and aware of signs.   I have been there and it has been frustrating at times as it requires PATIENCE (patience is something i am constantly working on)you can't push and control the outcome. I am thrilled to know what my purpose is and...

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Who doesn't love getting inspired!

I am a big lover of inspiring people, inspiring businesses and inspiring products.   Today i am going to share my chat with the talented Caitlin Bassett. Caitlin is a fabulous Goal Shooter representing both Australia and the West Coast Fever. Recently Caitlin launched an exercise clothing range called "Confidence". I haven't had a chance to check out her range in person but i love the message it sends. How cool is it that she calls it the " Confidence Range" . All the pieces have been named in accordance with the primary message of confidence. The clothes are designed to work out in and allow the extrodinary tall young netballer the confidence that she can lift her arms up...

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How to overcome SELF DOUBT

Not sure about you but i have been plagued by self doubt at times in my life.   Although i consider myself a fearless go-getter there are times when self doubt pops in.  Man i wish i could just stomp on self doubt and it be gone forever. When i get talking to people i realise self doubt affects everyone. The difference is not only the degree of self doubt that people experience but what they do when they encounter self doubt.   I know many people i have been talking to lately have self doubt but they are so paralysed by it that they never take any action and stay in that safe comfort zone and aren't really living...

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Aspire to great things but FEAR is holding you back?

I have been so fortunate to be able to connect with women of all ages, careers and backgrounds .A common  thread I am seeing lately  is this deep fear towards reaching their goals Do you want to learn about fear and the message it is telling you?  I know for me it has been a long process to trust what messages I am receiving from the Universe Tweet @mdndayhippie "Turn your wounds into Wisdom"Oprah Winfrey I hope you have gained a little clarity around fear. What fear is holding you back from reaching your goals? How do you know which resistance you are feeling? I would love you to leave a comment below and share with me and the...

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