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I love my tea

As you can tell from my Instagram account I love tea. There are days when business is so full on and I need to remind myself to breathe. One way that I have found that helps me reconnect and find some balance in my day is having a herbal tea. I know it sounds simple and it is which is makes it easy to add into your schedule. I generally have a beautiful cup of herbal tea before a meeting and in the afternoon. I find the act of sitting down and sipping tea (especially herbal as there are so many amazing health benefits) relaxes me and gives me a moment to just be and practice gratitude. All these little moments in...

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Even strong women need a hand back up

Recently an opportunity came up to trial a new premise with the intention on signing the lease. I couldn't sleep for a couple of nights from all the excitement but very quickly things went pear shape. I realised what I wanted in my head was very different to what I actually wanted.  I thought i wanted to have a space where people were around me all the time (being an Entrepreneur or Business Owner can get lonely). I soon realised that i wasn't able to get work done and desperately needed the balance between being social and having my head down and focused on a task. The other reason I decided not to have a premise right now is that I want to book clients by appointment on...

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3 tips that were my hardest lessons to learn

My business has evolved so much since it was founded in 2011. I have evolved so much since 2011. . I have had a hard time defining my target market/tribe myself as I want to try and help everyone. Big lesson I learnt in the first two years of Modern Day Hippie being in business is that this leads to burn out. It really does drain you when you are trying to help everyone and be a solution for everything. It took me longer than i would like to admit to face this head on and get super clear on my target market. I started off having a target market of Mothers, Athletes, Kids, Corporate Woman and everyone else in...

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Blessings for Homes and Businesses

As you know I don't look like your typical "Hippie" but spirituality is a big part of my life and my work. I regularly clear the energies in my house with my sage stick. I set an intention on what energy i want and go around to every corner of my home. I was asked by a school Mum if i could come to her new Business in Mosman Park to do a blessing and clearing. She had just started her new business and recently departed ways with her business partner. It was the perfect time to clear the energy and set some new intentions. The business next door which was also new asked if i could bless her business.From that...

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Tips before launching a business

So I have started a number if businesses in my life. Some were more hobby like and others made money. I am not scared to go out and try new things. I do at time struggle with making sure the ducks are lined up (foundations) before launching. Now sometimes I know you just have to go out there and give it ago as we are never really ready. I have learnt many lessons along the way but it has allowed me to grow as an individual and added to my tool kit of experience i share with other Female Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. Here are two areas that i believe need some attention before launching a business: A mission statement: Who...

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