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Lemon & Ginger Tonic Recipe

Just had a lovely morning at the local Farmers Markets.Unfortunately I don't get there as much these days. Last year I was at the Markets every Saturday and Sunday selling organic snacks but decided to stop as it was only a step towards my purpose and learnt I needed to be more efficient with my time and how I can best serve .  So now I am a visitor to the markets and happy to say I have reclaimed some "me time" and "family time". Here is my recipe from returning from the markets with some fresh ginger and apples. I had an abundant of lemons at home so this is the perfect drink. RECIPE 1 lemon 2 inches of ginger 6 Apples (first...

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Guest Jacqui Brown from The Studio

Today's guest is Jacqui Brown from The Studio  (image above with Aelkemi designer) Before asking Jacqui some questions I reflected back 10 or so years to when we had just finished studying PR together and went on a girls trip to Singapore. So much has changed in my life and I wanted to get a glimpse into Jacqui's. Jacqui's owns a business called The Studio which was instrumental in producing Perth's fashion festival. Now the Fashion Festival has come to an end it is a perfect time to ask her some intimate questions about life and business. How long has the studio been running? The Studio officially opened in August 2013, so we’ve just reached our second birthday.  Our first official event was the One Fell...

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What exercise and business have in common

Did you know that exercise and business have so much in common? Recently I started doing some stairs at a local park and it gave me some great insights into business. When you stand at the bottom and look to the stop of the staircase it can feel over overwhelming. Here are some of my observations: Focus the next stop. Take it one step at a time. Reminding myself to enjoy and be grateful at the top of the staircase. The aim is to enjoy the top and not worrying about what to do next. The people around you are on their own journey and at different stages in their fitness (business). Everyone's goals are individual so don't compare. If you just be you...

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How to get more balance in your life

"Work hard play hard" motto is flawed. As ambitious driven women we naturally push harder than many other women. We are full of passion and focus and want to succeed in achieving our goals. For ambitious driven women living your life by these principles will leave you burnt out and ill. I use the work full time plus had to part time jobs I just loved working. The problem was I was partying hard on the weekends which resulted in me burning the candle at both ends. I also had times when I would be so focused and full on with work that I didn't have time to play so I felt lonely and lacked purpose. I got the same result...

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