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How far would you go for success?

I am so blessed I am surrounded by bold, ambitious women who go after their dreams. These women are driven and work very hard for their success..... but at what cost? I am all about having focus and clarity in knowing your purpose and passion to get you to live to your full potential and succeed. What I have learnt personally from my own burn out is that you need to schedule in time to stop and reflect. This time to stop and reflect can not only ensure you are on the right track with your business but also that your health and your relationships are thriving. If someone told me years ago how important stopping and reflecting would be I would of saved...

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Want control?

Image from instagram So often we are wanting control of our lives so we can minimize any failure and rejection arising. When you seek control you generally don't believe that the Universe has your back and you fear that the outcome wouldn't work out how you see it.There are a couple of elements to this:  Firstly, control is very ego driven. You fear being a failure in the eyes of others. Secondly, when things don't go to plan it can be a sign that you are slightly off track and something better is installed for you. It is allowing you to evolve and grow personally and in your business. So how can you let go of control? Change the neediness...

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Easiest Chocolate Recipe EVER

Here is a very simple, quick and delicious recipe for healthy raw chocolate (dairy free, vegan, raw and no added sugar) Ingredients: 1 Cup of Cacao Butter 1 Cup of Cacao Powder 1/2 cup Coconut Nectar 1-2 tsp of vanilla powder 6 tsp of Orange rind (grated) 1 pinch pink Himalayan salt   Directions: Place all ingredients except the cacao butter in a bowl then sit aside. Place the cacao butter in a bowl and sit over a bowl of boiling water (this process is called double boiling and keeps it raw ) Once cacao butter is melted add it to your 1st bowl of ingredients. Stir thoroughly with a fork. Next Get a thin baking tray and line with cling wrap...

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Keeping ahead of the pack

So you have had a hectic week and you know it is just beginning as you have events to attend this weekend. You are awesome at what you do, and can make yourself push through any tiredness to achieve great results. Well I am here to say you may be on your way to burn out. When you are on your way to burn out you feel exhausted physically, mentally and spiritually and feel like you are losing connection with people as work is you only focus. Quick tip: 1. When you drink water have 10 sips each time you reach for the water. This will keep you semi hydrated before you indulge in cocktails. 2. When you arrive at an event. Take...

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Life is a Mirror

Life is a mirror...what is your mirror saying about you? Many of you are so busy kicking butt in your career you think you don't have time to take a breather to review. It may even feel like you are so busy in "it" the thought of reflection doesn't even come up. I have learnt how important taking a moment of reflection is for my career and personal life. I am someone who has a million ideas and doesn't love structure so in the past I have been so busy creating and evolving without reflection and it has cost me financially. Reflection is something I am still working on so I can improve all aspects of my life (dealing with people, projects, purchases,...

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