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Want control?

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So often we are wanting control of our lives so we can minimize any failure and rejection arising.

When you seek control you generally don't believe that the Universe has your back and you fear that the outcome wouldn't work out how you see it.

There are a couple of elements to this: 

Firstly, control is very ego driven. You fear being a failure in the eyes of others.

Secondly, when things don't go to plan it can be a sign that you are slightly off track and something better is installed for you. It is allowing you to evolve and grow personally and in your business.

So how can you let go of control?

Change the neediness of the surrounding the word control and replace the word with focus. Having clarity and focus of where you are going will ensure you are making positive choices to get you where you are wanting to go.

Get in touch with exactly what you are trying to control? We only have control of our own choices so focus on ways you can help yourself.

Also what feelings come up when you aren't in control? 

Now these aren't questions a lot of ambitious and bold career driven women ponder. That's why unloading your stress and connecting each month can allow you the clarity and opportunity for these answers to come up.

Another great way is to ask angels for signs. For example you are wondering whether to move house. Ask the Angels to show you a sign if the move is in your highest good. I ask for Butterflies or Peacocks but whatever you feel drawn to. The sign maybe in real life like a real butterfly or an image of a butterfly on a sticker or show up on your social media field. Always remember if the sign shows it means you are on the right track and that or something better is for your highest good.


Here is a reading for today 

 "Your concerns or fears surrounding the issue you asked about are unnecessary and soon fade away. There's no more need to worry. Everything is going to work our magically". 

The purpose of life is to be happy.

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