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Stop and SMELL the roses

At the moment we are going through Mercury Retrograde. This is a time when we should take some time to RElax, REvisit, REthink, REvise, REjuvenate. It is a great time to reflect on where you are in your life and business. Take time today to SMELL the Roses. REflect on how far you have come and whether you are still on your path.   Remember life is meant to be happy.What area in your life do you need to REvamp?

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How far would you go for success?

I am so blessed I am surrounded by bold, ambitious women who go after their dreams. These women are driven and work very hard for their success..... but at what cost? I am all about having focus and clarity in knowing your purpose and passion to get you to live to your full potential and succeed. What I have learnt personally from my own burn out is that you need to schedule in time to stop and reflect. This time to stop and reflect can not only ensure you are on the right track with your business but also that your health and your relationships are thriving. If someone told me years ago how important stopping and reflecting would be I would of saved...

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