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How far would you go for success?

Girlboss Healing
I am so blessed I am surrounded by bold, ambitious women who go after their dreams.

These women are driven and work very hard for their success..... but at what cost?

I am all about having focus and clarity in knowing your purpose and passion to get you to live to your full potential and succeed. What I have learnt personally from my own burn out is that you need to schedule in time to stop and reflect.

This time to stop and reflect can not only ensure you are on the right track with your business but also that your health and your relationships are thriving.

If someone told me years ago how important stopping and reflecting would be I would of saved myself years of financial stress and physical deterioration .

I was at a stage in my business with my Bliss Ball Kits that I was distributing Australia wide but was getting more in debt. I had big and small companies rip off my idea that really killed my confidence. I had spent so much effort in educating the market about my products that when these companies copied my products I was completely deflated.

I had worked myself to burn out,  my body was showing me signs to stop and reflect, but I didn't listen as I was just SO BUSY. Eventually, I couldn't ignore the warning signs to stop so I did. I had to let go of my ego and get honest with myself even though bits were hard to hear. I reflected on my business and where I was heading. I  realised that my passion to "help busy women succeed" was getting lost in being caught up in the food industry. I decided to include my other passions and strengths of spirituality, healing and personal development to "help busy women succeed" and now I feel happier and more inspired and motivated every day.

Other than my personal experience I have a number of clients who have not stopped and reflected and the consequences it has had on either their health or their business or both.

Now, my clients would epitomize success in the eyes of most people. They have beautiful designer bags,shoes, clothes. They are savvy business women who own a  handful of real estate properties. They are well known in their industry and fly first class to luxury overseas holidays. They are beautiful and have regular appointments at the salon for their hair, nails and eyebrows. Not only are they successful in a materialistic sense but they have such loving and giving souls.

Many of these women have burnt out at some point in their career, been struck down with illness or had bouts of anxiety and depression.

I am so proud of these women I now call my clients as they have decided enough is enough. I can be successful and having time once a month to fully relax and recharge is not only imperative to my success but also to my health and my overall happiness.

Is it time you stopped and reflected?

My inspiring clients come in every month for a 45min or 90min session to ensure they stay on top of their game and live their purpose.


Love,light and blessings


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