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Can you make money and live your passion and purpose?

I just finished with a client and every time it cements to me that I am living my purpose of "Helping busy women to be successful in all areas of their life" I love seeing clients fully relax and unload their stress so they can regain clarity , focus , energy and passion but most of all don't allow for any stress related health problems to occur.

I have recently been talking to a heap of women at different events and it is so interesting what they say. Even though some women have successful businesses they still doubt whether they are on the right path and  living life to their full potential. Does your business bring you joy and allow your true essence to shine? Some women choose to stay where they are as they are financially comfortable and too fearful of letting go of that security to go after their dreams.

Here are a couple of questions for you to check in and see where you are at:

Do you feel at your core your business aligns with your values?

Do you believe you can live your dreams and have financial abundance?

Does it feel inspiring and motivating when you think of the purpose of your business?

Do you feel you can be your natural/authentic self and make a good living?


Once you know your WHY it makes business so much easier even in the tough times.


Love,light and blessings


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