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Ever tried a float for relaxation?

I love trying new treatments and services from businesses  improve my wellbeing and keep my mind and body in optimum health.

Here is a review of my first ever Float experience

Leading up to my Float session I asked friends for their experience of a float. Most friends reported that they have heard of a float but never experienced it first hand.

I went into  Beyond Rest  with a open mind and no expectation of the results. I try to have this perspective when trying any new treatment as the results will vary between individuals.

Arriving at the Wembley Beyond Rest I was happily greeted by a staff member.  She was kind and very detailed in explaining the facilities at the premise and the float tank experience.  She ensured I felt comfortable and had all the information I needed to know. This was the beginning of the Beyond Rest experience and really set the tone for what was ahead.

I was told that the premise was designed around sacred geometry principles and the curves allow the energy to constantly flow. I was shown the bathroom and where you can dry your hair, the chill out room and my personal float room.

When entering the room you see this huge pod aka a whale. It was so much larger than I anticipated. The room was clean to a very high standard which is massive factor when laying in a pod naked. I felt all the details had been taken care of so you could just enjoy the experience.

The pod had music and a light inside which automatically turns off after a couple of minutes . You can turn the lights back on at any stage which is reassuring. I did turn it on a couple of time to find the towel to wipe my eyes. You gently awake to the music coming on which signifies the end of your session.

I began the float without the neck rest thinking that I could surrender and let go. I soon realised that I was straining my neck and use the neck rest.  Once I used the neck rest I fully let go and started to unwind the body. I had mind chatter at the beginning as it was a new experience and I was trying to observe everything. Once I  focused on my breathing my mind relaxed and before I knew it I had fallen asleep. My snoring would wake me up and that is the only reason I realised I was asleep.

I found the experience allowed me to nurture my mind and body simutateously.

I would of loved to of experienced a float when pregnant and also think kids would benefit to calm their minds and also relax the muscles.

I had a lovely warm shower and used the vinegar on my hair and then the shampoo and conditioner. Suprisingly once washed my hair was super soft again. I didn't use the hairdryer but they do have these amenities. Next I went into the chill out room. It is everything and more you would expect from a chill out room it had beautiful aromas,calm energy, herbal teas and even books. The chill out room was amazing.

I had my float experience  during the day and left feeling refreshed not at all sleepy. I had a little bit of makeup on and kept my face dry the whole time  including the shower so if you are needing to get to work afterwards you will just need to dry your hair.

Items that are supplied and I highly recommend using during the float include:

-cloth and fresh water in case the salt water gets in your eye it stings a little

-ear plugs

-neck rest (especially for your first time)

When I got out the following items were there ready for me:

- A lush robe and towel

- Natural Australian made Moisturiser

-Natural Australian made Shampoo and Conditioner

-Vinegar spray for your hair


Let me know if you have been to Beyond Rest and had a float experience?

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