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Work life balance

Work life balance...Do you think it exists?

I like to view work/life balance as work/ life integration as you won't have the exact amount of time to spend on all areas of your life. But you can feel balanced when all areas are getting the required attention needed for you to feel whole and balanced. For some this could mean more time devoted to healthy eating and less time to socialising.

The key to this work/life integration I have found is to FOCUS and have CLARITY on how what you want to achieve and how you want to feel then PRIORITISE it.

I have definitely had my fair share of trying to do everything and feeling like shit as a result

My definition of "burning the candle at both ends" based on past experience is:

  • Not drinking enough water throughout the day. You feel there is too much work to stop and have a drink
  • It's 9pm you haven't even looked outside and haven't moved from your computer
  • Skipped lunch as you were so engrosed in your project you weren't aware of the time and that your body was hungry
  • Having coffee to keep you energised so your body can keep up with your drive to success
  • Having wine to relax as your mind can't switch off
  • Giving so much effort to projects and people that don't recognise and appreciate your worth
  • Working and not expecting anything in return for your services or products
  • No social life as work is your life
  • Not taking a moment to sit and be grateful for all your blessings including all your growth


For all you go-getters it can be difficult to chill and re-access how happy you are. I highly recommend a
Relax + Recharge Session to bring some peace to your life

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