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Are you kicking butt in your career but DON"T have a man???


I meet so many amazing women who are thriving in their career but are lacking love in their life... Does this sound like you?

I must say when I have a lot of projects on the first things that takes a hit is my relationships with friends and then even sometimes my husband.

I am so blessed to be married to the most patient, kind and loving husband who understands my gung ho attitude. In the first three to four  years of running Modern Day Hippie I really had my head down bum up. There was so much to do and I really need to stay focus on getting my business and all my new products off the ground. This year being in my fifth year of business not only am I more experienced business owner with more clarity but I have also done a shit load of personal development.

In 2016 I am making a conscious effort to be more aware of the quality time I spend with positive friends and definitely my husband.


Sometimes it is great to re-access these following areas in your life and rate them out of 10 to see where you need to give some attention to.


Money     /10

Business/ Career    /10

Food      /10

Exercise    /10 

Spirituality     /10

Health    /10

Relationships      /10

Home Environment       /10

Education         /10

Creativity         /10

Happiness       /10

Social Life       /10

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