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Working Mum trying to stay balanced

Being an Entrepreneur and Mother of two life is not always "balanced".

Balanced is a word I don't like to use too much as my view on balance is very different to some. When you are juggling a couple of businesses with a couple of children and keeping a marriage alive there is not always excess time to socialize with friends, go to exercise classes and cook exotic meals.

My mindset for achieving my interpretation of balance is to prioritize your day. I prioritize based on what is going to bring me the most joy and allow me to live my why.

To be honest my husband and friends have taken a backseat to my kids and businesses lately. I feel when I am really entrenched in launching a new business, a new product or have a heap of clients I don't allow enough time to play which is something I am working on. I have got better at knowing my boundaries which prevents me from burnout and knowing when I need to step out a re-access things.

I would say that is the only problem with being so passionate about your work is pulling yourself away so other aspects of your life get attention. The good news not all parts of your life will require as much "time" given to allow you to feel nurtured and balanced. 

My main message is make your day work based on your priorities. Notice if areas are getting forgotten and re-access your priorities to see what can be shifted. We all have the same 24 hours it is how we use it that allows us to feel most balanced.


Love + Light


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