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Lemon & Ginger Tonic Recipe

Just had a lovely morning at the local Farmers Markets.Unfortunately I don't get there as much these days. Last year I was at the Markets every Saturday and Sunday selling organic snacks but decided to stop as it was only a step towards my purpose and learnt I needed to be more efficient with my time and how I can best serve . 
So now I am a visitor to the markets and happy to say I have reclaimed some "me time" and "family time".
Here is my recipe from returning from the markets with some fresh ginger and apples. I had an abundant of lemons at home so this is the perfect drink.
1 lemon
2 inches of ginger
6 Apples (first batch I used red apples hence the colour next batch will be granny smiths)
Pour over ice and enjoy on a warm sunny day.
Love + Light

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