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What exercise and business have in common

Did you know that exercise and business have so much in common?
Recently I started doing some stairs at a local park and it gave me some great insights into business.
When you stand at the bottom and look to the stop of the staircase it can feel over overwhelming.
Here are some of my observations:
Focus the next stop. Take it one step at a time.
Reminding myself to enjoy and be grateful at the top of the staircase. The aim is to enjoy the top and not worrying about what to do next.
The people around you are on their own journey and at different stages in their fitness (business).
Everyone's goals are individual so don't compare.
If you just be you you can't lose
The environment around us can change but stay focused on the reason why you are doing the exercise/business
Each step is progress 
Be encouraging and motivating. The self doubt and self sabotaging doesn't make the journey enjoyable and doesn't help with longevity of your fitness/business
Love + Light


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