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How to get more balance in your life

"Work hard play hard" motto is flawed. As ambitious driven women we naturally push harder than many other women. We are full of passion and focus and want to succeed in achieving our goals. For ambitious driven women living your life by these principles will leave you burnt out and ill.

I use the work full time plus had to part time jobs I just loved working. The problem was I was partying hard on the weekends which resulted in me burning the candle at both ends. I also had times when I would be so focused and full on with work that I didn't have time to play so I felt lonely and lacked purpose. I got the same result when I lost focus and just partied I wasn't happy.

Now a days it is more about balance. By balance I mean you have to say No to things and have to know what your core purpose is.

Below is how I have adjusted my mindset:

I am already very driven so the energy and passion I put into things is sufficient. I remind myself that I do not need to push any more. 

I know my purpose so I make sure everything I am doing is in alignment with this purpose. This is also makes saying No a lot easier.

Getting to my intuition/ soul/spirit whatever word resonates for you is key.

I will be able to go into more detail at the upcoming Essentials Workshop: Ambition with meaning

Love & Light



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