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Blessings for Homes and Businesses

As you know I don't look like your typical "Hippie" but spirituality is a big part of my life and my work.

I regularly clear the energies in my house with my sage stick. I set an intention on what energy i want and go around to every corner of my home.

I was asked by a school Mum if i could come to her new Business in Mosman Park to do a blessing and clearing. She had just started her new business and recently departed ways with her business partner. It was the perfect time to clear the energy and set some new intentions.

The business next door which was also new asked if i could bless her business.From that one of her customers heard about it and asked  if i could come bless her home which had just finished a Million Dollar Makeover.

So i set off to the Swanbourne home with my angels, sage stick and positive energy. The home was stunning as you can see from the pictures above. The home owners wanted a fresh start and her intention she wanted me to bring was peace and love.

I know we are all busy and don't always and don't have the time to clear the stagnant or negative energy in homes or business but I do recommend performing and clearing and blessing regularly.

Clearing and Blessings are also fantastic for those who have just renovated, built or moved into a new home or business . It is away of signify the new and setting positive intentions from the beginning.

I really enjoy bringing my light to homes and businesses all over Australia. I received an email to do a blessing for a Business in Victoria which is now on my waiting list for when i head interstate.

For more information on me coming to your home or business check out the link here or email


Love & Light


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