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Tips before launching a business

So I have started a number if businesses in my life. Some were more hobby like and others made money.

I am not scared to go out and try new things. I do at time struggle with making sure the ducks are lined up (foundations) before launching.

Now sometimes I know you just have to go out there and give it ago as we are never really ready. I have learnt many lessons along the way but it has allowed me to grow as an individual and added to my tool kit of experience i share with other Female Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

Here are two areas that i believe need some attention before launching a business:

A mission statement:

Who you are 
What you are doing
Who are you doing it for

This can evolve over time but updating this when you evolve will help you keep on track and not feel all over the place

Core Values

How you want to feel and how you want to make your client feel.

Here are my core values but remember they are personal so yours may be completely different.

1. Empowerment

2. Connection

3. Balance

4. Creativity

5. Fearlessness

Love & Light


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