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How to keep focused when you are buzzing with excitement

Time Management Tools WomanThe last couple of weeks i have started work on a new business i am wanting to launch which i am sooooooooo excited for.

As you know i am super passionate about creating products and tools to empower women to truly embrace who they are and flourish.

I get so excited coming up with new ideas it really is a strength of mine that i am owning. The down side to being super creative is making sure i stay focussed so projects get finished to the end. I do find it hard sometimes to keep on track with creativity and passion flooding through my veins.

The last couple of weeks i have really had to try and consolidate my energy so i am not all over the place and feeling drained or overwhelmed.

Here are a couple of tips that work for me:

* Get a big piece of paper or white board and write down your projects/goal you have

* Then prioritise your projects/goals. Sometimes i do the larger more valuable projects first and sometimes i do the little ones first so they are crossed off my list.

*Refer back to your business desired feelings or core values. You want to make sure what you are working on is in line with your mission.

When you get more focus it brings more clarity and vice versa.


Love & Light 


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