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Even strong women need a hand back up

Recently an opportunity came up to trial a new premise with the intention on signing the lease. I couldn't sleep for a couple of nights from all the excitement but very quickly things went pear shape. I realised what I wanted in my head was very different to what I actually wanted. 

I thought i wanted to have a space where people were around me all the time (being an Entrepreneur or Business Owner can get lonely). I soon realised that i wasn't able to get work done and desperately needed the balance between being social and having my head down and focused on a task.

The other reason I decided not to have a premise right now is that I want to book clients by appointment on set days instead of being stuck every day for set times. I left my corporate job so I would have freedom and flexibility.

Now tears were shed (this is unusual as i generally only cry watching movies, shows or youtube clips that string at the hear) during the decision not to go forward with the lease. I felt very deflated as i had told my family and you all about my new premise.

I felt defeat and vulnerable but i just allowed myself to go through it and tried not to beat myself up about the change in my decision. The sleep deprivation during the first couple of days of having a premise didn't help at the time as i usually get my 8-9 hours every night.

I decided to take this roller coaster experience as a big wake up call.  I have learnt that  being vulnerable is okay as it allows you to feel deeply which makes you use your inner guidance system to check in on whether you are on your path.

If one of your friends is a Business Owner or Entrepreneur check in with them as it can be tough working for yourself and even strong women fall down and need a hand back up.

At the moment I am back at my private Modern Day Hippie studio with my head down bum up working on some exciting new things.

Love & Light



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