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National Netball Day

On the 25th July it was National Netball Day . I love these dedicated day's (even though I don't always celebrate on it's actual date) it reminds me to reflect and show gratitude.
I wanted to thank all the wonderful people I have met along the way. I have learnt so much about leadership by being the West Australian Captain. I was also lucky enough to represent Australia in New Zealand which taught me to believe in myself as I was the only one from Western Australia in the team and didn't know anyone (It was a bit funny when my parents came over and cheered for me but were both born in New Zealand.)
I love that sport helps adolescences learn discipline and commitment in a fun environment with friends. It also instills how power positive belief is and goal setting especially if you want to go up the ranks. I truly believe that kids need to be in involved in some sort of sport outside of school especially in adolescents.
Time will tell if my daughter becomes the 4th Generation in my family to play netball.
Love & Light

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