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How to disconnect from work emails and social media updates

If you are like me I love to be creating new things, meeting new people and going to new places. I am very passsionate, driven and wanting to help everyone. It's only now I recognise how harmful this can be if i don't have boundaries and allow time for self care.
After busting my guts for 2 years to get Modern Day Hippie off the ground i was totally burnout physically and  mentally . I had lost my spiritual connection and some days just felt like i was going against the tide. 
A family trip to New Zealand in December 2014 allowed me to get away from Work emails and social media updates (the positive to expensive data roaming is that it forces you to step away from the emails etc)
After a few days I was able to relax and not panic that i should be doing something and that I could be missing out on a fabulous opportunity to help more women.
On returning home I have been focusing on my meditation and Kundalini practice now am at a place where i can let go and let things flow (some days this is more challenging than others) but I know "The Universe has my back" Thanks Gabby Berstein for the wonderful reminder.
If you are wanting a getaway but can't take any leave from work our Girl's Day maybe the perfect fit for you.

Love & Light


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