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When to have a baby mid 20's or late 30's

I wanted to bring to light to a conversation I am hearing about "When is the right time to have a baby?"
Many women I have been speaking to lately didn't have their first child until their late 30's and even 40's.
My story is very different.I had my children young and I loved having them early on so they are here watching me grow as a person and grow my business but it did come with some obstacles.   
When i was 19 just before more 20th Birthday I decided I wanted to move from Perth to Sydney to live and study fashion for 10 months. My boy friend- now husband and I did the long distance thing. I makes me realise how fearless I am at going after my dreams (much like i am now). To cut a long story short my boyfriend came to visit about a month into my adventure and well.... i got pregnant. It really only took one time.
So trying to process me being all by myself, now twenty years of age and pregnant was tough especially for someone who always had a plan and was focused. I had to tell my boyfriend and family over the phone by text as I couldn't verbalise it yet.I had to go to my first Doctors appointment alone. My family members on my side were very shocked and worried for me.
Picture on the left (sending bump updates from Sydney. Can you see my Angels in the background?) Picture on the right the day before I gave birth.
I kept this from my classmates, Teachers and Employer (at the time) until i couldn't hide it then they asked the question "Are you pregnant?" Some issues that came up at the time that i am now healing was a total identity shift, losing my financial independence and again worried what people thought (I get people today still telling me I look too young to have kids.)
I was determined to finish my course and came back to Perth about 7 weeks before I gave birth. 
Now at 29 years old my kids are 8 and 5 , I have an expanding and evolving business and deciding whether there is a right time to have another or if i should have any MORE babies altogether.
What I have learnt is that there is never a RIGHT time to have kids no matter your age. 

I would love to hear in the comments when did you have your kids and whether you were contemplating for awhile?

Love & Light


  • Belle

    I totally agree with you!
    There is NEVER a right time to have children!
    I had my first when I was 21 – I felt I was too young to be a parent and I believed that we were not in a financial situation to have a baby.. We had many struggles, including PND and I struggled with becoming a parent..
    After serious complications during the delivery, I never wanted to have another child, but when I was 26 I fell pregnant and I was devastated mainly because I was terrified of going through another birth. We lost our baby at 21 weeks :( and we couldn’t get pregnant fast enough after that terrible time.. So I was 27yrs old when I had my last baby.. All while we were renovating and extending the house while living in it & also opening a second business..
    My kids are now 15 and 9 and looking back, I cannot pinpoint one time where it would have been the “right” time to have a baby.. There was always a reason why it wouldn’t be the right time!
    If I wanted to have another child now (But I don’t! Im more than happy with the size of my family), this still wouldn’t be the right time! I can think of a million reasons why it wouldn’t be the “right” time!

  • Erica

    My husband & I decided we wanted children shortly after we got married last year. We now have a six week old daughter, I’m 23 and I’m so glad we chose now to start a family. We agree there’s no perfect time – we are both full time uni students and self employed and loving life :)

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