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My GREATEST Life lesson

So i wanted to talk to you about my biggest struggle.

I have this love hate relationship with self worth. At times self worth is at the top of my priority and sometimes even though i know something is good for me i seem to do everything in my power not to do it. Sounds weird even writing it.


If i know what is good for me and nourishes my mind, body and soul why don't i do it ALL the time?


For example I know that drinking plenty of water is great for my body and all my cells yet i still find excuses to not drink enough.


I know scheduling in regular exercise makes me feel strong, healthy and stable yet sometimes it slips.


This year I am working on my relationship with Self worth so you will hear more of my stories here.


I would love to know what are in your life you want to work on this year? Leave a comment below so i can get to know you and your story.


Love and Light




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