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Chocolate Brownie and Savoury Muffins

Like a lot of you working and trying to stay healthy can be a juggle especially when you are limited with time. Shopping and weighing ingredients can be time consuming so now and then i experiment with plain gluten free and organic muffin and cake mixes and add a heap of nutrient dense foods to it. This approach is another reason why I started the D.I.Y Bliss Ball kits in 2011.


I am big on experimenting (not one to follow rules) so I add what ever fresh ingredients or superfoods I have on hand (based on what type of outcome i want). I am not a huge fan of weighing ingredients when i make things for my family which is why my book is taking so long to write.


Today i got a plain savory muffin mix and added flaxseed, zucchini, carrot, cumin and coconut oil. It was so quick and easy. I was in the mood for experimenting so i also made some gluten free brownies using a plain mix and added in chia seed, coconut oil, raspberries. Check out the images below.




Sometimes we need to be easy on ourselves and not put so much pressure to be AMAZING all the time in everything we do.







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