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Sick of being under valued. Hear how I have changed this in my life and businesses...

Sick of being burnt out, stressed out and undervalued.

I certainly am! I have spent too much of my life giving so much to others and leaving nothing in the tank for me. I am tired of that feeling that i am lacking in self worth and money.


Happy to report that recently things changed. To be honest it annoys me when i reflect that it has taken me so damn long to have the courage to make the change. I now have some must have feelings I NEED to feel before i decide to take on any new clients or projects.

Hear some of them here 

This was put to the test recently when one of my corporate businesses i do creative work presented another fantastic opportunity to me.Inside i was jumping for joy and wanted to start straight away with out discussing boundaries and price but this is where i have made the mistake before. So i took a couple of days a wrote a proposal that ensured my expertise were clear and i felt everything i was offering was of great worth. Overall the proposal made me feel empowered, valuable, joy and confidence. I set the price range and said this is what it is take it or leave it  (not exactly those words) We are having another meeting to discuss the project.

In the back of my mind i was thinking this is great opportunity and fantastic for one of my businesses and   the extra income would be handy to pay off my credit card.Sure i was scared that  they would say No and i wouldn't have this project but at the end of the day i am not putting my heart and soul into something if i am not getting valued for my gifts. If this doesn't work out then it isn't meant to be and something better is around the corner.


I was talking to a friend recently as she was getting to the burn out stage and i said this tweetable

"If you are not valuing your worth than no one else will."




If you find decision making hard this may also help. You must have feelings maybe different to mine. Take some time to write down some core feelings you want to acheive in your work and life.


Would love to hear your  MUST have feelings below in the comments.




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