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21 Signs you are a Modern Day Hippie

Every wondered WHAT is a Modern Day Hippie. Below are 21 signs you are a Modern Day Hippie.

1. You Practice Mindfulness

2.Your personal hygience products are natural and organic where possible

3.You try/ accomplish a herb garden

4. You try/accomplish a veggie patch

5.You know your purpose in the world

6. You love learning and evolving

7. You crave being in nature when you have been in the hustle and bustle for too long

8. The sound of birds tweeting makes you imagine you live in the Mountains/Forrest

9.You eat organic where possible

10.You are an individual (this doesn't mean you have to wear crazy floral patterned clothes and no shoes)

11. You love writing in your journal daily

12.You talk to the Universe/ God/ Higher Power regularly 

13.You love Yoga even if you can't do a bend back

14. You love chanting even if you can't sing

15.You re-cylce

16. You love to be creative

17. You shave your legs when you can be bothered or when you are showing them

18. You don't have to be Vegetarian but agree the energy in live food is amazing

19. You love experimenting with food

20. You practice Gratitude 

21. You are caring and want to help 


How many signs do you display in your life?

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