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Want to know your purpose

know your purpose

Hi Ladies,


Do you want to know your purpose? Want to have a fulfilling life where deep down you are happy and passionate?


Many of my clients are 25-50 years old and struggling to find their purpose. They are lost and don't know where to start to. It can be hard in this hectic external world to find what your gift is. Remember finding your purpose requires you to look inwards and become open and aware of signs.


I have been there and it has been frustrating at times as it requires PATIENCE (patience is something i am constantly working on)
you can't push and control the outcome. I am thrilled to know what my purpose is and what brings me the greatest joy. Guess what it is????


My purpose is to empower women to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life and finding your puspose is a key fundamental of this. Below i will share one tip to help you on your journey. 


I want to connect with you and personally help you discover your purpose. Email so we can set up a chat to discuss how i can support and guide you on your journey.

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"Be the lighthouse to others"


Let me know if you have found your purpose? 

I would love you to leave a comment below and share with me and the Modern Day Hippie community your experience. I know I learn a lot from other people and their experience. Just think your experience could help someone on their journey.

Thank you for connecting and allowing me to live my purpose.



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