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Who doesn't love getting inspired!

Get inspiredI am a big lover of inspiring people, inspiring businesses and inspiring products.


Today i am going to share my chat with the talented Caitlin Bassett. Caitlin is a fabulous Goal Shooter representing both Australia and the West Coast Fever. Recently Caitlin launched an exercise clothing range called "Confidence".

I haven't had a chance to check out her range in person but i love the message it sends. How cool is it that she calls it the " Confidence Range" . All the pieces have been named in accordance with the primary message of confidence. The clothes are designed to work out in and allow the extrodinary tall young netballer the confidence that she can lift her arms up to shoot without her stomach showing. The range was designed with the tall girl in mind but also cater for everyone offering sizes XXS- XL.

"So Caitlinwhy are you so driven towards helping young people with confidence and resilience"?. Her response was " I struggled to fit in when i was a kid as i was so tall". I just adore seeing the progression she has made in her life and the impact she is having on young people. 

What an inspiring path Caitlin is on. If you or anyone you know wants a piece of Caitlin (in the form of her clothing) or if you would like her to come to your school check out

P.S Some of you may not know but I played State netball at the same club as Caitlin so i always remember her being younger than me. I actually played in the same team as her sister. ... small world i know.




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