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How to overcome SELF DOUBT

Not sure about you but i have been plagued by self doubt at times in my life.


Although i consider myself a fearless go-getter there are times when self doubt pops in.  Man i wish i could just stomp on self doubt and it be gone forever. When i get talking to people i realise self doubt affects everyone. The difference is not only the degree of self doubt that people experience but what they do when they encounter self doubt.


I know many people i have been talking to lately have self doubt but they are so paralysed by it that they never take any action and stay in that safe comfort zone and aren't really living their purpose or passion. Damn it is scary getting out of the comfort zone but you have to do it and try otherwise you are always in the "What if...........?" mindset.


Recently i have decided to focus Modern Day Hippie more on my coaching program where i work with women one on one to help them connect, feel and inspire in their life and business. Some of you may know that when i started out the business my main offering was our organic food products and wellness retreats. The D.I.Y Bliss Ball kits was founded by me in 2011 and it has taken a lot of blood, sweet and tears to get people to understand the concept and retailers on board.


But over the past 6 months i felt i have evolved from this and have been contemplating over 6 months whether to have the products to continue to sell through the retail chains and Farmers Markets . It is still so scary to write but at the moment  I have decided to sell it exclusively through our website.


A lot of soul searching has taken place on whether i was ready to let retail go and it hasn't been easy.In the future i may go back to it but at the moment dealing with the retail industry isn't serving me and my purpose. My mind and ego does come into play and since it was so difficult to get off the ground it felt like i was letting go of all that hard work and pain. But i know deep down that i need to let go to be able to let the knew in.


New can be daunting but letting go and trying is HOW you overcome self doubt. At the moment i am just trying to trust, be open to receive all the amazing people and opportunities that come my way.


I hope that if you are going through a self doubt phase that my story can help inspire you to make the leap of faith. At the end of the day you want to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life don't you?

Jumping over self doubt

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