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Keeping ahead of the pack

So you have had a hectic week and you know it is just beginning as you have events to attend this weekend.

You are awesome at what you do, and can make yourself push through any tiredness to achieve great results.

Well I am here to say you may be on your way to burn out. When you are on your way to burn out you feel exhausted physically, mentally and spiritually and feel like you are losing connection with people as work is you only focus.

Quick tip:

1. When you drink water have 10 sips each time you reach for the water. This will keep you semi hydrated before you indulge in cocktails.

2. When you arrive at an event. Take a deep breath in (hopefully your dress isn't too tight) Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold the breath for 5, then breathe out for 5. This will help calm you down and allow you to feel more centred.

3.Don't fall off you success train and BOOK a Girlboss healing to recharge you on Monday. 


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