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Life is a Mirror

Life is a mirror...what is your mirror saying about you?

Many of you are so busy kicking butt in your career you think you don't have time to take a breather to review. It may even feel like you are so busy in "it" the thought of reflection doesn't even come up.

I have learnt how important taking a moment of reflection is for my career and personal life. I am someone who has a million ideas and doesn't love structure so in the past I have been so busy creating and evolving without reflection and it has cost me financially. Reflection is something I am still working on so I can improve all aspects of my life (dealing with people, projects, purchases, mindfulness).

Here are a couple of ways to get started:

1. Which area am I most unhappiest in my life?

2. Look at that area and for 5 minutes write down what isn't working, how it makes you feel and what you really want to change.

3. This will give you a little insight on an area in your life that needs some attention. 

Your life is a mirror of your inner dialogue and limiting beliefs. You do have the power to manifest the life you want. Take a moment to reflect and see what areas in your life need addressing so you can become happier and more fulfilled.


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