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Are you holding yourself back?

Do you feel you are holding yourself back from a really fulfilling career or business?

As you may know I am full of ideas. If I am not creating products and services for my business I am getting paid to give ideas to other businesses.

I feel NOW (after a couple of years of trial and error)  I am at the point where I have a very clear vision for Modern Day Hippie. I have ideas that will help the business evolve and flourish.

Then there are times doubt tries to creep in and this can be caused by outside influences (the people I am around) or internally (what vibration I am sitting in). This self doubt wants to keep me playing small which is a boring place to be if you ask me. Like many of you,  the key is to become aware of when you slip into this "playing small" behaviour so you can stop it in its tracks.

I have some people say "slow down and don't do too much at once". Do people say that to you? The thing is, I really love creating and I am happy when I am constantly evolving spiritually, personally and professionally. 

So today after having a chat with a lady I met through facebook I realised the last two months I have been so focused on consolidating parts of the business that I haven't allowed myself to dream. I didn't realise how much I have missed the magic of creating. Giving myself that time to let go of reality around me and just think about my vision got me feeling inspired and motivated. I feel my inner strength is rejuvenated and I know that the journey to get there is fun and to enjoy the journey. 


"Allow yourself to dream and enjoy the magic of creating and evolving"

-Nicole Cherry-Bayles

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