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What turning 30 and getting married have in common........


Turning 30 is much like a wedding. Yesterday I turned 30 and I felt different. 

How is turning 30 like a wedding? I had an expectation on how I thought things would turn out. Since a young age I had known that I would eventually get married and the flowers, dress , table settings were all gorgeous. Everyone was having a magical time and the day just went smoothly.

My wedding day was lovely but my flowers didn't turn out how I expected  (the orchids got caught up in quarantine). My expensive custom dress had a pull in it.The limo broke down so we were late to get photos and this had a ripple effect on the nights proceedings, which led to the Reception Coordinators freaking out and constantly asking  what we were doing next. At one point I almost had a melt down but remembered it wasn't about all the details of the wedding, it was just about the person I was marrying.

Like you, I am a driven, passionate and ambitious .I know what I want and growing up I always had a vision of what my life would be like. I thought the age 30 was so old and I was determined to have my life "sorted" by 30. I pictured myself living in a flash apartment, having my own business or career in the fashion, advertising and beauty industry, single (focusing on my career) , a Millionaire, travelling lots and buying fancy clothes and shoes.

My life today happily married, Mother of two with one on the way. Have my own business which I am so passionate about in the Health and Well-being industry. Live in a lovely house and working towards financial freedom. We travel at least once a year and I have a more balanced view towards career and life.




Things didn't turn out in the order I had imagined but I must say my soul is happy and I am passionate about my work. I think things turned out for the better.

Sometimes when we surrender and don't try to control every situation, we are guided to our path of purpose and happiness.


Love, Light and Blessings

Nicole Cherry-Bayles

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