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Ever tried a float for relaxation?

I love trying new treatments and services from businesses  improve my wellbeing and keep my mind and body in optimum health. Here is a review of my first ever Float experience Leading up to my Float session I asked friends for their experience of a float. Most friends reported that they have heard of a float but never experienced it first hand. I went into  Beyond Rest  with a open mind and no expectation of the results. I try to have this perspective when trying any new treatment as the results will vary between individuals. Arriving at the Wembley Beyond Rest I was happily greeted by a staff member.  She was kind and very detailed in explaining the facilities at...

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Easiest Ice-cream ever

For lunch today I experimented and came up with the easiest ice-cream ever.   3 Large frozen  bananas 1 tsp Cacao 1 tsp Almond butter 3 tsp Rice Malt Syrup 1 tab Vanilla Extract To finish you can top with vegan or dark choc chips, berries or dust with cacao.   Easy as and a guilt free lunch option.

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We all want a fist pump moment

So the last few weeks have been busier with work with events, sessions with clients and products to create. I really am blessed to do what I love and I am enthusiastic about. I could of let the workload feel overwhelming but the key is FOCUS. Focus entirely on what task you are on then move onto the next. This will ensure you are giving your energy and attention to the task which will allow you to get to a better outcome quicker. When you finish one task then move onto the next. If you try to do bits of each task on your list you can become frazzled, overwhelmed and highly stressed. At the end of the day or the end of...

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Stop and SMELL the roses

At the moment we are going through Mercury Retrograde. This is a time when we should take some time to RElax, REvisit, REthink, REvise, REjuvenate. It is a great time to reflect on where you are in your life and business. Take time today to SMELL the Roses. REflect on how far you have come and whether you are still on your path.   Remember life is meant to be happy.What area in your life do you need to REvamp?

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Can you make money and live your passion and purpose?

I just finished with a client and every time it cements to me that I am living my purpose of "Helping busy women to be successful in all areas of their life" I love seeing clients fully relax and unload their stress so they can regain clarity , focus , energy and passion but most of all don't allow for any stress related health problems to occur. I have recently been talking to a heap of women at different events and it is so interesting what they say. Even though some women have successful businesses they still doubt whether they are on the right path and  living life to their full potential. Does your business bring you joy and allow your true essence...

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