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Hello Modern Day Hippie's,

I am  The Modern Woman's Guru.

What makes me the " The Modern Woman's Guru"
I am an Entrepreneur, Author, Healer and Mother. I know what it is like with time constraints, financial pressure and the pressure I put on myself to exceed at everything i do.
I have created tools and offer services to help busy women integrate mind, body and soul connection in your life. Nourishing your inner world will allow your outer world to flourish.

"Money can not be your WHY" you need to have purpose, connection and clarity.

I want to know where could you use the most support or clarity in your life to achieve  fulfillment and purpose?
Come and see me before you get to burn out phase. I will guide you on how to thrive internally and still succeeding in other areas of your life.
I look forward to connecting with you to support you on growing within and happy in all areas of your life.
If you don't connect fully to your physically, emotional and spiritual side you are holding your self back from living to your full potential.
I am passionate about my products and tools intergrating into your life and making a positive impact.
You can contact me directly
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Love and Light

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